Recycled Materials – Adidas Parley

Recycled Materials – Adidas Parley

We’re coming toward the end of 2016 and it’s great to see that going green is becoming ever more popular. October 2015 saw the UK government enforce the 5p bag charge for companies with over 100 members of staff. There are many reports that show how influential this legislation has been, with the Marine Conservation Society stating that since that date, the amount of plastic bags they clean up off British beaches has nearly halved.

More recently, one of the largest producers of sports equipment, Adidas, have launched a campaign to help the environment. Adidas Parley is a movement which aims to take plastic that’s been washed up in the ocean and create high quality sports equipment. Adidas are hoping to spin a problem in to a solution and not only does this campaign look to create a minimum of one million Ultra-boost Parley trainers by the end of 2017, as a founding member, they’re also devoting other resources to help with the communication, education and research which will allow this project to continue and grow. To help boost their campaign, footballing giants Real Madrid wore a Parley kit against Sporting Gijón which was made from 100% recycled plastic sourced from the ocean.

How can we make a difference?

There are so many ways we can affect the change, whether you’re a small local trader or you’re an established firm that works across various parts of the UK. We advise and help people reduce their packaging waste and look at ways to streamline the way the business carries out particular tasks. You can speak to us today and arrange a free no obligation meeting, which will help you learn about the latest in packaging technology and how we now have the ability to save money whilst helping the environment.

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