Trademark Polythene Ltd

Shirlplass Ltd in administration, customers should turn to TRADEMARK POLYTHENE LTD

The Northamptonshire based polythene manufacturing firm Shirlplass Ltd went into administration 26th September 2019.  Customer will be please to hear they can switch all of their packaging and polythene orders to TRADEMARK POLYTHENE LTD.  

Mark Dodge a former owner of Shirlplass Ltd sold the company to a large packaging group in 2011, went on the set up the successful competitor TRADEMARK POLYTHENE LTD.

“We are sadden to hear of the demise of a company, with our expert knowledge of past and present customers of Shirlplass Ltd,  Trademark Polythene Ltd are ideally positioned to provide with continued services and requirements”

We  manufacture and stock a wide range of the same polythene products as those held by Shirlplass, including the following:

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