Surlyn® Skin Film

Skin packaging films made from Dupont Surlyn® are an attractive, lightweight alternative to clamshell and blister packaging.TP close up2

Surlyn® is used for skin packing onto coated boards where high clarity and toughness are required. Surlyn® can be used for deep draw applications and will conform to the shape of almost any product.

Key Features

Fast Processing: Surlyn® absorbs infrared heat at twice the rate of LDPE. Its ability to soften more quickly during the heating stage speeds up the packaging process by around 40%.

Tamper Resistant: Film made of Surlyn® are highly resistant to tampering making it very difficult to remove the product from its packaging without leaving obvious signs.

Chemical Resistant: Film made from Surlyn® will not corrode plated metal and is resistant to grease and oil.

Age Resistant: Surlyn® film will not become brittle with age.

Cold Weather Durability: Film made from Surlyn® retain their property down to -40c.

Board Curl: Surlyn® has a higher shrink force in its molten state for a perfect draw down but a low shrink force in the solid state. Compared to LDPE alternatives this removes board curl and prevents objects from being deformed.

Puncture Resistant: Surlyn® films are not easily punctured by pointed objects of sharp edges.