Surlyn: What is Skin Packing??

For those that are unaware of this specific packaging technique, Skin Packing is a process whereby a film (Surlyn) is sucked down over a product onto an adhesive coated card. Once the heat is introduced the adhesive coating of the card and the Surlyn film bond together, acting as a skin for the product.

This type of packaging is an attractive option for most as it combines the security of product, due to lock down product protection and tamper evident sealing, alongside excellent visual display. Making it often the preferred option for most retailers.

In addition to retail display packs Surlyn Skin packing can be used for securing multi component products in one place during transit without the loss of any pieces. This provides the end user with a complete component product for assembly, without having to rummage through packaging to find individual parts.

As well as being low in cost compared to blister packing, Surlyn packs are totally recyclable when used with Peal & Seal card; saving your money and the environment in one!

TP close up2 TP close up3

Due to its obvious benefits Skin packing can be used across a range of industries; from Plumbing, Engineering, Medical and Ironmongery to Cubical Hardware, Pet Food, Footwear and Bearings.

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