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The Packaging Paradox

We recently read a fact sheet document ‘Are we suffocating under the weight of the packaging problem?’ by Dick Searle.

the packaging paradox

On behalf of the Packaging Federation the document discusses the packaging problem and addresses the debatable paradox of whether packaging is an environmental saint or sinner.

Consumption is a main driver of the packaging industry and over the last 50 years as the ‘affluence of the consumer society increased dramatically’ there has been a change in the variety of packaging materials in particular plastics. This is down to the customers demand for convenience and a larger range of products that in turn led to the supermarkets explosive growth.

So is consumption the problem? The industry creates products to feed this desire for modern consumption but would we be better of without it? The document discusses the many issues surrounding why the packaging and plastics industry gets a lot of bad press- partly due to its relationship with the environment.  Whether its supermarket plastic bags and over packaged items, to the waste problems of landfill and recycling The Packaging Federation asks ‘is packaging really the scourge of our society?’

This issue is to do with society’s view on packaging and ‘most of what is seen as excessive is more to do with gift experience or retail methodology including theft minimisation.’

Dick Searle states ‘the problem is that most consumers look at used packaging with little thought for the role that it’s played in getting goods safely from producer to point of usage and the role it continues to play in preserving products until they are used.’

So is packaging as big an issue as consumers, the media and politicians seem to think?Dick goes on to discuss the impact and statistics of household waste, food waste and packaging in comparison to other European countries.

Click here to download the full document.