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Trademark Polythene Ltd

Trademark Polythene Supplier of Polythene Aprons for Medical Use

Northamptonshire based Trademark Polythene are now producing polythene aprons for medical use. Large volumes available at competitive pricing.

If you would like a quotation call us on 01933 460505 or email on 01933 461999 or email at 

The specification for this product is:

Size: 686mm x 1170mm
Thickness: 16 micron
Material: LDPE +1%A/Static
Colour: White/Blue/Yellow/Red
Pack: Flat Packed in 100’s
Boxed: 600’s
No. boxes per pallet: 84
Aprons per pallet: 50,400

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Trademark Polythene Ltd

Shirlplass Ltd in administration, customers should turn to TRADEMARK POLYTHENE LTD

The Northamptonshire based polythene manufacturing firm Shirlplass Ltd went into administration 26th September 2019.  Customer will be please to hear they can switch all of their packaging and polythene orders to TRADEMARK POLYTHENE LTD.  

Mark Dodge a former owner of Shirlplass Ltd sold the company to a large packaging group in 2011, went on the set up the successful competitor TRADEMARK POLYTHENE LTD.

“We are sadden to hear of the demise of a company, with our expert knowledge of past and present customers of Shirlplass Ltd,  Trademark Polythene Ltd are ideally positioned to provide with continued services and requirements”

We  manufacture and stock a wide range of the same polythene products as those held by Shirlplass, including the following:

Please contact us on 01933 461999 or email at 

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The Many Uses Of Packaging

We don’t realise the significance of packaging when we’re strolling around the shops or browsing online. Behind closed doors, the role of packaging is what allows us to see the products, hold them and understand what we are buying. The journey that a product must go on from beginning to end is huge.

For some of us, the first thing that we see is the packaging of a product. This could be because the packaging is either covering the whole product or it is attractive enough to catch our eye. Packaging is a multi-functioning aspect of all goods and is designed for many of the below reasons.

Advertising & Promotion 

The packaging of a product is used as one of the most common features to market it, it is the best way to identify what’s inside and to list off why a consumer may need it. This is where a company can go as crazy or as simple as they like, the packaging can play a big role in the brand identity and advertising of whats inside. The print on a product’s packaging is one of the best ways of getting consumers to notice the product and to encourage a potential purchase.

Protection & Containment 

The protection of a product largely depends on the design of the packaging, the product will need to be protected against being dropped, crushed, shaken, and man handled whilst in transportation also whilst being stored or put on companies shelves & units.

The shape of the packaging is also a huge factor for the protection, as this plays the part of containing some products. Ensuring that a product or the packaging is sealed, closed & held together will prevent it from being broken, split or spilled.

The protection and containment of a product aren’t solely relied upon by the outer packaging, the inner packaging and sealants are what keep the goods inside safe and secure.

Other types of packaging protection:

Stacking & Storage 

In most companies, space is limited or precious. Each square meter cost money & must be used to its full potential, which means the stacking and stocking of goods must be efficient. This is why some packaging is usually square or rectangular, this allows for a neat flat surface that can be stacked upon. In most supermarkets, you will see that goods are packaged in a square, rectangular shape or those that represent long straight edges. every inch lost through stacking and storing is an inch of lost selling opportunity.

Usually the design, colour and wording on the packaging are what determines whether the product inside is of any quality. But the main idea is to get the product from one place to another safely, easily & ready to be seen or used in the most convenient way.

Printed Information

The printing of packaging is imperative to companies, implementing features such as barcodes and product numbers allow the product to be easily identifiable with things such as:

  • Price
  • Best before date
  • Product title
  • Special offers
  • Manufacturers address, ownership
  • Other legal obligatory information

If you would like us to help you with the protection and containment of your products, then please call Mark on 01933 460 505 or send an inquiry through via our website contact page.

Recycled Materials – Adidas Parley

Recycled Materials – Adidas Parley

We’re coming toward the end of 2016 and it’s great to see that going green is becoming ever more popular. October 2015 saw the UK government enforce the 5p bag charge for companies with over 100 members of staff. There are many reports that show how influential this legislation has been, with the Marine Conservation Society stating that since that date, the amount of plastic bags they clean up off British beaches has nearly halved.

More recently, one of the largest producers of sports equipment, Adidas, have launched a campaign to help the environment. Adidas Parley is a movement which aims to take plastic that’s been washed up in the ocean and create high quality sports equipment. Adidas are hoping to spin a problem in to a solution and not only does this campaign look to create a minimum of one million Ultra-boost Parley trainers by the end of 2017, as a founding member, they’re also devoting other resources to help with the communication, education and research which will allow this project to continue and grow. To help boost their campaign, footballing giants Real Madrid wore a Parley kit against Sporting Gijón which was made from 100% recycled plastic sourced from the ocean.

How can we make a difference?

There are so many ways we can affect the change, whether you’re a small local trader or you’re an established firm that works across various parts of the UK. We advise and help people reduce their packaging waste and look at ways to streamline the way the business carries out particular tasks. You can speak to us today and arrange a free no obligation meeting, which will help you learn about the latest in packaging technology and how we now have the ability to save money whilst helping the environment.

Speak to us today at 01933 460505 or by clicking here

The Packaging Paradox

We recently read a fact sheet document ‘Are we suffocating under the weight of the packaging problem?’ by Dick Searle.

the packaging paradox

On behalf of the Packaging Federation the document discusses the packaging problem and addresses the debatable paradox of whether packaging is an environmental saint or sinner.

Consumption is a main driver of the packaging industry and over the last 50 years as the ‘affluence of the consumer society increased dramatically’ there has been a change in the variety of packaging materials in particular plastics. This is down to the customers demand for convenience and a larger range of products that in turn led to the supermarkets explosive growth.

So is consumption the problem? The industry creates products to feed this desire for modern consumption but would we be better of without it? The document discusses the many issues surrounding why the packaging and plastics industry gets a lot of bad press- partly due to its relationship with the environment.  Whether its supermarket plastic bags and over packaged items, to the waste problems of landfill and recycling The Packaging Federation asks ‘is packaging really the scourge of our society?’

This issue is to do with society’s view on packaging and ‘most of what is seen as excessive is more to do with gift experience or retail methodology including theft minimisation.’

Dick Searle states ‘the problem is that most consumers look at used packaging with little thought for the role that it’s played in getting goods safely from producer to point of usage and the role it continues to play in preserving products until they are used.’

So is packaging as big an issue as consumers, the media and politicians seem to think?Dick goes on to discuss the impact and statistics of household waste, food waste and packaging in comparison to other European countries.

Click here to download the full document.

The many uses of Polythene

Since its conception in the 1950’s the primary use of polythene has been in packaging (plastic bags, plastics films, membranes, containers, bottles, etc.)

When you think of polythene, most people will generally think of polythene bags, however there are many other used for this very versatile product;

  • Dustbin linersPicture4
  • Hoses/tubes
  • Insulation
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Protective packaging
  • Door mat for wet feet
  • Tabards
  • Kids play mats
  • Food wrapping
  • Table covers
  • Pallet cover
  • Postal sacks
  • Kites
  • Metal drum tops
  • Surgical gloves
  • Grow bags



We provide polythene products to a range of industries such as medical, charity, mail order, food & drink, manufacturing, construction, contract packaging, automotive and horticultural.

Contact us for information about polythene products- or call 01933 460 505.


What are Biodegradable & Recycled Plastics?

At Trademark Polythene we offer products that are 100% made from recycled materials, as well as those with biodegradable and compostable materials.

Biodegradable plastics are made from traditional petrochemicals, which are engineered to break down quickly. They usually contain additives that cause them to decay more rapidly in the presence of light, oxygen and moisture. This type of material is most commonly used in plastic bags, compost bags and food packaging.

Nearly all types of plastics can be recycled and the type of product that is made from the recycled materials depends on the type of plastic resin. According to the BPF (British Plastics Federation) the UK uses over 5 million tonnes of plastic each year, of which an estimated 24% is currently being recovered or recycled.

Products that can be made out of recycled materials include; pellets, water bottles, anti freeze containers, bin bags, pipes and pails. Recycling plastics requires far less energy than from creating them from new, as around under 10% of the worlds fossil fuels are used in the production of plastic products and materials.

For further information about the types of Biodegradable and recycled plastics we offer, contact us at or call 01933 460 505.

Surlyn: What is Skin Packing??

For those that are unaware of this specific packaging technique, Skin Packing is a process whereby a film (Surlyn) is sucked down over a product onto an adhesive coated card. Once the heat is introduced the adhesive coating of the card and the Surlyn film bond together, acting as a skin for the product.

This type of packaging is an attractive option for most as it combines the security of product, due to lock down product protection and tamper evident sealing, alongside excellent visual display. Making it often the preferred option for most retailers.

In addition to retail display packs Surlyn Skin packing can be used for securing multi component products in one place during transit without the loss of any pieces. This provides the end user with a complete component product for assembly, without having to rummage through packaging to find individual parts.

As well as being low in cost compared to blister packing, Surlyn packs are totally recyclable when used with Peal & Seal card; saving your money and the environment in one!

TP close up2 TP close up3

Due to its obvious benefits Skin packing can be used across a range of industries; from Plumbing, Engineering, Medical and Ironmongery to Cubical Hardware, Pet Food, Footwear and Bearings.

For further info see our product page here, and for any enquiries regarding your polythene packaging requirements contact us at

Our website is live!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website.

The site allows our customers, old and new, to browse our site easily and to find what information they need about polythene and packaging.

Our website was designed and built by local creatives S.C. Agency, who produced the best website for us using their marketing and design skills. If you are looking for any marketing, web and design support call them on 0845 402 5153 or click here.

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