The Many Uses Of Packaging

We don’t realise the significance of packaging when we’re strolling around the shops or browsing online. Behind closed doors, the role of packaging is what allows us to see the products, hold them and understand what we are buying. The journey that a product must go on from beginning to end is huge.

For some of us, the first thing that we see is the packaging of a product. This could be because the packaging is either covering the whole product or it is attractive enough to catch our eye. Packaging is a multi-functioning aspect of all goods and is designed for many of the below reasons.

Advertising & Promotion 

The packaging of a product is used as one of the most common features to market it, it is the best way to identify what’s inside and to list off why a consumer may need it. This is where a company can go as crazy or as simple as they like, the packaging can play a big role in the brand identity and advertising of whats inside. The print on a product’s packaging is one of the best ways of getting consumers to notice the product and to encourage a potential purchase.

Protection & Containment 

The protection of a product largely depends on the design of the packaging, the product will need to be protected against being dropped, crushed, shaken, and man handled whilst in transportation also whilst being stored or put on companies shelves & units.

The shape of the packaging is also a huge factor for the protection, as this plays the part of containing some products. Ensuring that a product or the packaging is sealed, closed & held together will prevent it from being broken, split or spilled.

The protection and containment of a product aren’t solely relied upon by the outer packaging, the inner packaging and sealants are what keep the goods inside safe and secure.

Other types of packaging protection:

Stacking & Storage 

In most companies, space is limited or precious. Each square meter cost money & must be used to its full potential, which means the stacking and stocking of goods must be efficient. This is why some packaging is usually square or rectangular, this allows for a neat flat surface that can be stacked upon. In most supermarkets, you will see that goods are packaged in a square, rectangular shape or those that represent long straight edges. every inch lost through stacking and storing is an inch of lost selling opportunity.

Usually the design, colour and wording on the packaging are what determines whether the product inside is of any quality. But the main idea is to get the product from one place to another safely, easily & ready to be seen or used in the most convenient way.

Printed Information

The printing of packaging is imperative to companies, implementing features such as barcodes and product numbers allow the product to be easily identifiable with things such as:

  • Price
  • Best before date
  • Product title
  • Special offers
  • Manufacturers address, ownership
  • Other legal obligatory information

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